Cloud based phone system for business

Designed to cater to enterprises of all sizes, our cloud based phone solution ensures unparalleled connectivity and flexibility. Enjoy features such as remote access, seamless integration, and real-time updates, all powered through the cloud for enhanced reliability and scalability.

Elevate your business communication with Devyce’s cloud technology and stay ahead in the digital age. You can also port your existing business number to us for free

What is a cloud based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is a modern communication platform that operates over the internet, offering businesses a flexible and scalable alternative to traditional on-premise telephony systems. By leveraging cloud technology, these systems allow companies to manage calls, voicemails, and other communication functions through a hosted server, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Ideal for businesses seeking cost efficiency and enhanced functionality, cloud-based phone systems support a range of features such as multi-device compatibility, easy integration with other business applications, and advanced call management tools. This makes them a superb choice for enhancing operational agility and supporting remote workforces, ensuring that businesses remain connected and productive in today’s dynamic market.

Our cloud based phone systems are trusted by businesses in 75+ countries

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Get a cloud based phone system up and running for your business in 60 seconds

1. Purchase a plan

Select the phone system plan which best suits you. For a business phone system you’ll need to choose from our Teams or Enterprise packages.


Download our second phone number app on your Android or Apple smartphone, and open the application for access to your new virtual number.


Port your existing business number to Devyce, instead of using our freely provided one, rest assured that you’ll be able to port your number out of Devyce free of charge.


Upgrade your plan as your team grows and gain access to our team management portal through our team and enterprise plans.


Looking for a new kind of business phone system?

Devyce’s cloud based phone system improves your business productivity and communication.

Available on all Team & Enterprise plans

Need More?

Get in touch to discuss our cloud based phone system solutions for a better communication experience

  • Find the right product for your business
  • Explore our pricing options
  • Access helpful resources


What do our cloud based phone systems include?

Keep your existing number by porting it into Devyce

Do not disturb

Management Portal

All in the cloud

Get the perfect business number

Customisable voicemail

With a cloud based business phone system you can work the way you want, wherever you are


Keep your business connected and work from home or anywhere.

Leaving the country?

Use your UK number abroad and port it to Xpatfone!

Xpatfone, for Brits abroad.

Xpatfone is powered by Devyce and does not charge roaming fees.

Stay connected to the UK from abroad and don’t get cut off.

We are already trusted by users in over 75 countries worldwide.

A cloud based phone system for your business, instantly.

Get access to your new business phone system in less than 60 seconds.

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