What is Devyce


What is Devyce

Devyce is a business phone app you can download onto your smartphone that lets you get a business phone number (mobile or landline) without a second phone or a second SIM card.

Devyce separates a user’s personal phone and personal contacts so they can stay in touch with their customers easier through the Devyce phone app. It comes with a Management Portal for our Teams and Enterprise customers, where you can assign your employees with multiple numbers, deallocate numbers if an employee leaves the business and see key data metrics of the calling and messaging history.

Devyce is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone number provider. That means all calls and texts happen over the internet through WiFi or mobile data just like Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram.

What is Devyce

Why Devyce

It’s simple. We’ve built something people want.

The quickest and easiest way to get mobile or landline numbers for your startup or small business.

Our simple cloud-based software for Devyce Teams and Enterprise packages, allows businesses to manage it’s employees telephone numbers by allocating in minutes, deallocating and having visibility to key metrics which in turn is leading to improved business productivity and communication.

Our mission is to help our customers communicate better with their customers in this new digital era.

We’re moving physical to digital. Check out our solutions page to learn more.

Why Devyce

How Devyce works

  • For our Solo and Solo Pro packages – sign up via our pricing page, then search Devyce in either the App store or Google Play store and download the app.
  • For the Devyce Teams package – please sign up on our plans and pricing page.
  • For the Enterprise package – please contact us direct.

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