2 Numbers, 1 Phone

Add An Additional Number To Your Handset

Devyce works alongside an existing SIM card, therefore, allowing you to use two numbers simultaneously on your phone. Similarly, as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you’re able to use your Devyce number without the need for a local SIM card at all.

  • Two numbers, one phone
  • Unlimited minutes and texts to UK numbers globally
  • A UK ringtone, regardless of your location
  • A separate work DND feature, allowing you to distinguish work and life do not disturb hours.
2 Numbers, 1 Phone

Do Not Disturb Functionality

Find Your Work-Life Divide

Utilise Devyce’s do not disturb feature, to find your work-life divide, with a separate DND schedule.

  • Manually enable and disable your do not disturb
  • Create weekly do not disturb cycles, between set times
  • Set which days your do not disturb operates
Do Not Disturb Functionality

Separate Voicemails & Greeting

Create your own Devyce greeting, and really create a separate call experience for your UK based customers and callers. Keep your voicemail recordings separate to that of your native phone, and find your work-life divide.

Separate Voicemails & Greeting

Merge Or Keep
Your Contacts Separate

Split your personal and work contacts with the Devyce contacts feature, which allows you to import native contacts, whilst also adding new contact details into your Devyce contacts book.

Merge Or Keep</br> Your Contacts Separate

Unlimited UK Minutes and Texts

All of our plans include unlimited outbound minutes to UK numbers, regardless of where you are in the world. Our solo pro plan also included unlimited outbound minutes to US and Canadian numbers. Our plans can also receive unlimited global inbound calls and texts.

Our Solo plans are not designed for repetitive cold-calling or power dialling and we do have a fair use policy based on the number of calls you make. If you regularly exceed 100 calls per day, 300 per week or 600 per month or if we receive complaints about the usage of your number from other operators or the police, then we may restrict your usage to protect our network. The number of minutes remains unlimited.

Unlimited UK Minutes and Texts

Keep Your UK Number

On account activation we’ll give you a Devyce number, however, all of our plans also include free inward and outward porting, so that you can keep your number. Devyce works on a subscription basis, and therefore, there’s no contracts to worry about, port out when ever needed.

Port Your Number
Keep Your UK Number

Get a Devyce ‘Golden Number’

The perfect number – stand out from the crowd by selecting a unique Mobile or Landline number. Contact our sales team today for a selection of ‘Golden Numbers’ and receive the relevant quote.

Contact Sales
Get a Devyce <span style="color:#B7A66D">‘Golden Number’</span>

Upgrade For A Team's Portal

Make the most out of Devyce by upgrading to our teams plan and you’ll gain access to our teams portal, allowing you to utilise multiple numbers, analytics, instant number allocation and deallocation, call groups, forwarding and more. Further information on our teams features are outlined on our team’s plan.

Teams Plan Features