Our Green Policy

At Devyce we’re committed to building a more sustainable future.

A key role

Climate change is one of the largest and most complex challenges we face today. The climate crisis threatens our way of life and impacts every part of our society.

Companies, big and small, have a responsibility to engage with the issues faced and contribute to combating climate change.

At Devyce, we intend to do our part to protect our planet and futures.


A key role

The environment is a key stakeholder

Whether it’s switching to a renewable energy provider, using reusable materials, cycling, giving up your car for public transport, or switching to electric – we believe that these are all important steps in the right direction.

The planet needs bold action now and we are on a mission to do our part and we hope you join us on the journey.

The environment is a key stakeholder

How do we do it?

  • Reduction in physical sim cards
  • Reduction in physical handsets
  • 100% cloud-based software
  • No business cards philosophy
  • Removing need for physical desk phones and multiple wires to our software solution
  • Working in a shared and sustainable office space
How do we do it?

We’re here to seamlessly transition companies from physical to digital to create a sustainable business landscape.