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Please ensure that you have already subscribed to our Teams or Solo Pro plans before submitting a porting request.

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First off, get yourself a Devyce account if you haven’t already. Head over to our pricing page to sign up and get hold of the app, then come straight back here.

Get Devyce
Get Devyce

Get a code from your current UK Mobile Provider

Got a Devyce account? Now get a PAC from your current UK Mobile Network. You can do this in three ways:

  • Text PAC to 65075. Your network should reply within a few seconds with the code you need, and details of any outstanding charges on your contract. With some networks this doesn’t work while you’re roaming.
  • Log into your Customer Account on your provider’s website. All providers should have a way of providing you with a PAC there and then.
  • Call your existing provider up and ask for a PAC.
Get a code from your current UK Mobile Provider

Got your PAC?

Now let us know the details

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