Teams Management Portal

Track your communications via the Management Portal

Identify your most active channels, measure your performance against SLAs, track ticket response, handling time and more.

  • Create call groups and receive calls on multiple handsets.
  • View full call reporting and analytics.
  • Utilise CRM integrations.
  • Instantly allocate and deallocate numbers.
  • Listen to business voicemails
Teams Management Portal

Call Reporting And Analytics

Monitor your team's performance, through a wide range of data sets and analysis tools.

  • Proportion of answered and unanswered calls.
  • Ingoing and outgoing call duration.
  • Total ingoing and outgoing number of texts.
Call Reporting And Analytics

Find your work-life divide.

Helping to make your team more productive, sustainable and engaged.


Listen To Voicemails

Is someone away? Devyce’s team plan makes your phone solution more flexible, allocate and deallocate numbers quickly and easily, forward calls, and listen to other team member’s work voicemails.

Listen To Voicemails

Auto Attendant

Filter your inbound calls to the appropriate call groups and numbers with our auto attendant feature, allowing you to allocate particular dials to unique call forwarding destinations, accompanied by an automated message to ease the process.

Auto Attendant

Integrate Your CRM

Integrate HubSpot with your Devyce account, and automatically assign contact details to inbound calls and track your progress via HubSpot, with logged Devyce calls.

Integrate Your CRM

Includes Solo Pro Features

Our teams plan includes all of our solo pro plan’s features, including access to the Devyce application, unlimited minutes and texts to US, Canadian and UK numbers, where ever you are in the world. Further information in outlined on our solo plans page.

Included Solo Plan Features