What are virtual numbers for business communications?

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Virtual numbers are the best choice for businesses to streamline their business communications as we approach the BT landline cut-off. But where do you begin to make the switch? Let’s talk about what virtual numbers are and why Devyce is the smartest choice for your business communications. 


What are virtual phone numbers?


Virtual numbers shouldn’t be thought of as the same as telephone numbers.

Virtual numbers are those that reside in the cloud, which is a remote network of servers & databases accessed over the internet. They aren’t linked to a specific device like a landline phone or a sim card. Instead, they’re linked to an owned phone number (by a telephone network provider).


How do they work?


As virtual numbers aren’t tied to a specific device, it means you can access them from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. Virtual numbers are often accessed using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. These providers let you access and use your virtual number through an app on your phone or laptop/computer.


Benefits of using a virtual phone number


You’ve probably put it together now that virtual numbers can be used on your existing phone. Even though you probably already have a sim card you’re using. So you can have two working numbers on your phone! We’d say that’s one of the biggest advantages to virtual numbers and here’s why… 


Cost savings

Using a virtual number for business communications is significantly cheaper than traditional phone systems or buying second handsets for your team. Employees more often than not will already have a smartphone that they can simply download the VoIP app, allowing them to use a virtual business number. By eliminating the need for hardware, you could save up to 50% on your business’ phone expenses [1].


Easy scalability

Scaling up or down can be a costly process when using traditional phone systems. Mainly because of the associated hardware and set up costs. Alternatively, virtual numbers on your business’ network can very easily be added or removed (often instantaneously to within a day) depending on your business’ needs. Meaning little to no downtime for your business communications and huge cost savings. 


Facilitates remote/hybrid working

Remote/hybrid work arrangements are becoming a key part of any businesses’ strategies. Virtual numbers remove the obligation on you and your employees needing to be at any particular location. Making it easier to build a remote/hybrid business while maintaining your business’ reachability.


Enhanced privacy

Smaller businesses may be requiring employees to use their personal numbers to contact clients. Employees may not be comfortable with this and you could risk accidentally sending a follow up message with sensitive information to the wrong person. Alternatively, virtual numbers allow you to keep your business and personal contacts separate as your calls and texts are made from the VoIP app.


Access to integrations and additional capabilities

Unlike traditional phone systems, a virtual business phone network allows various integrations with software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Additionally, virtual numbers come with a whole range of call features such as call forwarding, call summarisation, auto attendant and many more. Meaning you can level up your business communications with smarter, more advanced technology.


That’s right, virtual numbers are the future of business communications. However with so many emerging VoIP providers on the market, how do you know which is the best choice for your business? While many posts you may have read will tell you it depends on your business needs… we have a clearer answer. Devyce


The smartest choice for your business


VoIP already saves your business money. Devyce saves you even more. 70% more to be specific. How we do this is down to our exclusive deal with a UK mobile network. Remember virtual numbers are linked to an owned telephone number? Our partnership with a mobile network means we can provide numbers at a fraction of what other VoIP companies are offering because we don’t have to pay fees to get those phone numbers from a provider. 


Our pricing is transparent. Often VoIP providers have hidden charges. You may find yourself signing up and then needing a feature like auto attendant and having to pay an additional fee to add it to your package. So we keep it simple with our Teams Plan, offering you everything your team will need from the get go. Devyce plans are also not lengthy contracts so you can decide how long you want to stay. 


When you’re ready to make the switch to a smarter, more reliable work phone system, we’d be happy to assist you! Simply choose the plan best suited for you and sign up on our website.




[1] https://telzio.com/blog/cost-benefits-switching-voip-service#:~:text=On%20Cost%20Savings%201%20Companies%20can%20reduce%20monthly,Thus%2C%20companies%20%2C%20rather%20than%20paying%20per%20user.