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Avoid the hassle of buying phones for employees

Devyce Teams works with their existing handset

Devyce is the perfect alternative to buying handsets for employees. Instead of signing up to an expensive contract, paying for insurance, and worrying about upgrades, give Devyce Teams a whirl. Devyce works via an app on your employee’s own phones and you can be going in as little as sixty seconds.

Your employees download the app, register with a code, and you’re off.

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Avoid the hassle of buying phones for employees

See what your team are doing

Devyce Teams includes a full management and analytics portal

Not sure if your Team are making as many calls on Fridays? Need to check what’s been said to a customer? Bet you can’t do that with your current phone.

Devyce Teams includes access to the Devyce Portal, which shows usage, analysis and message and call logs for all your team members.

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See what your team are doing

Devyce Features


Additional 07 Mobile Number

Get an extra 07 number that looks like any other mobile number – just without a second handset. Your existing mobile phone number continues to work side by side with your new Devyce number.


WhatsApp Compatible

Your new Devyce mobile number works seamlessly with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business, so you can message away like you do with friends and family.


Free Trial

Want to check us out before committing? Want to use an app that’s not listed? Take Devyce for a test drive and we’ll tell you whether we’re receiving security codes. Start your subscription and we’ll release the codes instantly.


UK Mobile and Landline calls and texts included

Devyce also includes unlimited UK mobile and landline calls as standard.

Don't worry about data security

Devyce keeps personal and business separate

It’s a win for you and a win for them. Devyce Teams lets your employees switch off at weekends with its dedicated do-not-disturb functionality. But it also keeps your business data separate from their personal data. If an employee leaves you can block their Devyce account instantly. Their contacts and messages stay with your business.

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Don't worry about data security
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Per month

The essentials to get you up and running with the Devyce App.

  • UK 07 Mobile Number
  • Unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Unlimited UK SMS
  • Custom voicemail
  • Management and Analytics Portal
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Devyce Enterprise domain

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  • Supercharge Devyce
  • Call recording
  • Visual voicemail
  • Custom CRM integrations
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Don’t need the management portal? Or just want to try the app before committing. Get a single UK mobile number with Devyce Solo.

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