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Keep your personal number private with a second UK mobile number from Devyce.

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Get a dedicated mobile number for your business

Get a dedicated virtual mobile number for your business and show your customers you’re reachable, while keeping your personal number private. Turn on the separate Do Not Disturb to send work calls to voicemail at weekends while still receiving personal ones. With a simple, easy to use app for both Android and iOS you can be making and receiving calls in three simple steps:

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Download the Devyce app
  • Tell your customers your new number

Unsure? Thanks to the Devyce free trial, you can be confident that Devyce is right for you before paying. Prices start at £8.99 a month, and you can even sign up with messaging apps like WhatsApp for Business to give your company the edge.

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Get a dedicated mobile number for your business

Carolines Circuits

“Devyce allows me to stay organised in my life as a fitness entrepreneur and busy mother of two. It allows me to seamlessly switch from these aspects of my day allowing me to be on top of my game and find that perfect work life balance.”

Caroline Idiens, Personal Trainer,

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Carolines Circuits

Devyce Features


Do Not Disturb

Our Do Not Disturb feature allows you to silence calls outside your working hours. Perfect if you’d like to spend time with the family.


Separate Business and Personal Messages

Keep your business messages and call history separate, so you don’t get work calls mixed up with personal ones.


Custom Voicemail

Record a separate custom voicemail greeting for your Devyce number, giving a professional appearance to your customers.


WhatsApp Compatible

Your new Devyce mobile number works seamlessly with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business, so you can message away like you do with friends and family.

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Per month + VAT

  • 3-day free trial (no verification codes during trial)
  • New UK mobile or landline number or bring your current one
  • 300 UK mobile and landline calls (unlimited minutes)
  • 250 UK SMS parts
  • Customisable voicemail
  • No set up or activation fees
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per month + VAT

Solo Pro features, plus:

  • Multiple users and numbers
  • Team management portal
  • Full call reporting and analytics
  • Instant number allocation and deallocation
  • Call forwarding
  • Call grouping
  • Customisable auto attendant
  • CRM integrations
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