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Don't lose your UK number

Bring your number to Devyce. Make and receive calls as if you’re in the UK.

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Cut off for roaming?

The roaming deals offered by some UK networks can sound tempting. And they work well if you’re just heading for a fortnight on the Algarve. But read the terms and conditions and you’ll often see a clause about long term roaming. Often you’ll be cut off if you spend more than two months overseas, or you’ll be forced to pay surcharges of as much as £1.20 a minute to receive calls.

Devyce provides an alternative, allowing you to keep your UK number while you’re overseas. Whether you’re working abroad in Dubai for six months, or retired in Spain, Devyce will protect the UK number that your friends, family and bank all know.

And when you do come back to the UK, we’ll port your number back into a traditional UK mobile network, usually the next working day.

Don’t risk losing the number that you’ve had for decades.

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Cut off for roaming?

Keep your UK number overseas.

Keep your UK number while you’re overseas with Devyce Solo. No need to get a second phone – you can be up and running in 60 seconds with our apps for Android and iOS, and we’ll usually have your number transferred within 24 hours.

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Keep your UK number overseas.

Dave Gibbs, Pilot

“All you need is a device with an Internet connection and you can add a UK mobile number to it in a few seconds. The app works perfectly and the phone still rings even if the app is closed. Porting an existing mobile number is as simple as sending the PAC in and waiting a couple of days. Technical support when I messed up the payment method was lightning fast and excellent.”

Dave Gibbs, Pilot/TRE, Malaga

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Dave Gibbs, Pilot

The Global UK Network


Works Globally

Backed by a UK Mobile Network, Devyce works seamlessly over your local 4G or Wi-Fi connection wherever you are in the world. Better yet, unlike with roaming, you don’t pay to receive calls.


Keep your current UK number

Move your current UK mobile number to Devyce and save on costly contracts and roaming fees. Then take it back to your UK operator if you return to the UK. Or get a new number if you prefer – your choice.


Maintain a UK Presence

No need to change phone numbers with banks or insurers – just give them your UK number. Make sure that friends and family can always stay in touch. Save hours of admin swapping numbers around.


Free UK Calls and Messages

Devyce includes unlimited UK mobile and landline calls and texts, in case you need to phone home.

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Per month

  • Designed for expats and overseas businesses
  • Bring your current number, or get a new UK 07 Mobile or Landline Number
  • Unlimited calls to UK, US, Canada and Ireland mobiles and landlines
  • Callers to your Devyce number will hear a UK dial tone
  • Swap number up to once a month
  • Dedicated Pro support email
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