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Why Investing in a VoIP Phone System is Crucial to Standing Out in the Recruitment Space

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Finding and retaining talent is a process recruiters know requires going beyond dissecting a CV. It’s essential that recruiters connect with candidates to discover their personality, passions and goals in order to create success stories.

Personalised and regular communication with candidates is the best way to learn more about them. This is especially important in the initial screening stages and phone calls are still the best way to do this.

Furthermore, creating high quality matches between candidates and employers requires a high degree of efficiency and effective management of communications between the two. This is where VoIP phone systems become crucial.

Making the switch from time consuming and costly traditional recruitment management strategies to digital solutions will streamline the recruitment cycle and save you money. Let’s dive into 3 key reasons why VoIP is important to stand out in the competitive recruitment market…

Shorter recruitment cycles

One of the most time consuming processes in recruitment is the initial screening. Manually analysing individual CVs and cover letters in detail is not an optimal process whereas a quick phone call with candidates helps to identify whether they’re the right fit for the role instantly. VoIP phone systems make this so much easier to keep track of as you can integrate your phone system with your CRM software. This allows you to automatically generate tickets, contact cards and keep track of candidate progress after each call. This simplifies the process of monitoring the status of job applications and keeping track of open positions, saving your team time.


Keeping a full talent pipeline

CRM integrations with your VoIP phone system also ensures you keep a full talent pipeline. Efficient recruitment teams need to ensure they have a steady flow of candidates through their recruitment process to proactively match candidates to new opportunities. Effective management of the talent pool is crucial to achieving this. Recruiters often neglect candidates in their contacts within the initial screening to interview stage due to inefficient tracking of the progress made by each candidate. Organising your database and keeping up communication with candidates in your contacts with personalised phone calls ensures your talent pool doesn’t lie stagnant.


Eliminate cognitive bias

Using VoIP phone systems integrated with talent management software provides recruiters with a comprehensive breakdown of candidate and employer analytic data. This helps to create better matches between candidates and employers as decisions made based on data eliminates cognitive bias. In the long term, this improves talent retention as matching the right candidates and employers improves satisfaction from both ends – addressing a key pain point for recruiters.

Build trustworthy relationships

Being the bridge between the talent pool and employers, recruiters need to effectively manage these relationships. A key part to successful recruitment is building trust with candidates and employers which comes from thoughtful communications. This can often be hindered by outdated phone technology resulting in missed calls, dropped connections and poor call quality.

VoIP phone systems operate using Wi-Fi or data connections which allows for crisp call quality and high reliability so you don’t have to worry about dropped connections. The technology is also designed to ensure you never miss calls with added features such as auto attendant and call forwarding. This makes sure candidates and employers can rely on your services and foster long term relationships.

We can help you to achieve all of this – Devyce is the modern business phone system designed for your recruitment team. You can integrate key CRM software such as Hubspot with Devyce and get access to a Teams Management Portal where you can view key call data metrics to measure your team’s performance. We also support set up of call features like call forwarding to ensure a smooth experience for your clients and candidates.

There’s no question that the digital age has definitely impacted the world of recruiting. By using Devyce in combination with effective CRM software, you can tailor a set of features and benefits to suit your team’s needs, improving your recruitment journey whilst making an impact in the recruitment space.