If you’d like us to delete your account, please email [email protected] giving the email address you signed up with and the Devyce number associated with your account.

If you signed up using the Google Play Store, your account is not linked to your email address in our system. However Google Play link your email address to the subscription. Please provide the email address used on your Play Store account, so that we may check the account against it.

We will verify your email address or phone number before removing your account. Note that in order to comply with UK telecoms law, we are obliged to retain some data for a period of time.

You can delete some data from the app itself, such as the content of text messages. Metadata is not deleted in this case, and can only be removed by deleting your account.

If you signed up through our website, your personal information stored in our billing system is deleted automatically 90 days after you cancel your subscription.